Makes the difference

Highlight your eggs trademark in the supermarket

Makes the difference

SOUL Packaging for 6, 10 and 12 eggs

Makes the difference

Experience and creativity at first sight

Makes the difference

Experience and creativity at first sight


What is Soul©

SOUL® is a new packaging from CEMOSA for 6, 10 and 12 eggs which will allow you to highlight the most special parts of your range of eggs.

With a striking and different appearance, SOUL® guarantees you a strong visual impact on the supermarket shelves thanks to its rounded shape, its custom-design labels and the intense moss, corn, pink, blue, orange and brown colours* of SOUL® packaging.

Furthermore, its carefully-studied design ensures it behaves optimally in the packing machine.

As with all other CEMOSA products, SOUL® has the ecological advantages of being a recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly form of packaging because it is produced with sustainable raw materials such as moulded cellulose.

* For further information about packaging colors available please contact our sales department, where the staff will be happy to inform you of any particulars of interest to you.

Technical characteristics

From the beginning of the new project and all along the design process, the technical performance of the future packaging for 6, 10 and 12 eggs was defined as a priority. The goal was that the design, with its curves, angles and all its shapes, would guarantee the best denesting of the eggpack in the packaging line and an effective closing.

100% Recyclable

Packaging is made in reciclable Moulded Fibre which is biodegradable and friendly with environment.



Less carbon footprint than other alternative packagigns, less CO2 emissions during productive process and warehouse space optimization (21% plus per pallet).

Tarifa punto verde

Grenn dot (Ecoembes Spain)

Moulded Fibre rate is the lowest among all packging alternatives.

Alta protección del huevo

High egg protection

High protection thanks to its ability to protects and absorbs shocks, bears differents changes of temperature, absorbs humidity and allows egg to breathe through its thousand packaging tiny holes.



Available in 6, 10 or 12 eggs packaging.

Diseño actual

Current design

Atractive design and various colours which allows shinne out on supermarket shelves.

Amplio frontal

Wide frontal side

Frontal side with wide surface which offer more opportunities for creative label designs and advertising space.

Línea de envasado

Excellent performans on packaging machine

Its technical advances and optimal design allows un excellent functionality into packaging line.

Graphic Design

Experience and creativity at first sight

CEMOSA’s graphic design department places its experience and creativity at your disposal to personalise SOUL® to your tastes, offering different concepts in label and printing design as well, new shining finishes for lables like Gold or Silver Stamping or Ultrabright barniz as more traditional creations in keeping with the latest trends in design.

Please contact us for further information without obligation

Technical datasheet

Technical datasheet of every packaging Soul®

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